The Hyphen-Italia & UK DNA

We are a group of people with vision and method. We design, develop and implement solutions to support the processes of communication, promotion and multi-channel sales.

What do we do?

We help & support organisations manage improvement projects, related to the introduction of new technologies in the life cycle of digital product content for Brands.
Product Information Management (PIM)
The brand shopping experience is constantly evolving, the need to assess, track and manage the consumers product buying habits and trends related to multi-channel activities, require better and targeted communications – omnichannel. The system, thanks to it’s PIM functionality, allows marketing and sales to group and coherently organise all the relevant information and deliver the content related to the products quickly and accurately, to the different media outlets.

Digital Asset & Content Management (DAM)
Each company has a digital heritage that continues to increase. This heritage has a real value that must be defended and preserved. Hyphen-Italia proposes the DAM solution to organise, manage and distribute all the Digital Assets: images, video, photographic, sketches, animations and music. The system allows you to load, share, rename, backup, classify, group, archive, optimise, maintain and export files.
Photography: Product Cycle Management
Hyphen Still Life (HSL) is a solution for the complete management of the product photographic process. it consists of a special 360 set and management console with production software for the information, adaptation and optimisation of the images prior to being added to the Digital Asset & Product Content Management solutions. A series of services & configured solutions for the product images, allow you to manage the optical flow creation, adaptation and delivery to the various communication sales channels.
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How we operate

In addition to the development and implementation of our hardware and software systems, we offer our clients a variety of consultancy services and change management projects, to support the various business roles in creating systems and workflows to streamline the communication processes and promotion of the brand and its products. Within our offer, a key element is the business impact assessment or assessment project, which creates the foundation to build the solution design on. This allows us to provide an improved guarantee of the quality and value of our project ROI’s. The methodology that we use in the analysis stage, is inspired by the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and it is supported by the deep knowledge of the circumstances in which we work: our consulting services are crucial and very valuable items that ensure the success of our offer to the market.

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